Road To Adulthood

Certified Personal Development Coach;  Financial Coach;

Helping Young people find freedom on the

#Road to Adulthood

Personal Development Coaching

  • Increase your self-esteem –  live life on your terms
  • Boost your confidence and motivation – stop feeling inadequate
  • Make and maintain healthy relationships – feel less awkward, be yourself
  • Reduce exam stress and anxiety – work at your optimum and boost performance
  • Find clarity and a sense of purpose – prevent feeling lost and empty
  • Improve your communication skills – increase success in all areas of your life
Feeling of Freedom On The Road To Adulthood

 Financial Coaching

  • Get better with your money – set yourself up for the future
  • Learn about budgeting – save more
  • Learn to save faster – make the most of your money
  • Learn about the power of investing – grow your wealth over time
  • Learn how to defeat debt – manage your debt, pay off your debt faster, and avoid accumulating new debts
  • Retirement Planning – never too early to start

As anxiousness in adolescents frequently manifests as self-destructive behaviour, we help young people navigate the obstacles on the road to adulthood.

We see that far too many young people struggle with issues such as wishing to develop their sense of self-worth & inner confidence, increase motivation, minimise procrastination, overcome social anxiety or handle their money more wisely.

After all, just like trying to dig out of a hole, how many young people truly have the skills to repair & resolve these issues alone, often reluctant to share or take advice from caring parents.

Because they are struggling, this anxiety often turns into self-sabotaging behaviours.

Without these critical life skills, they either struggle to take ownership, or perpetually worry that they could be doing better.

At Lollywise, we specialise in giving those on the #RoadToAdulthood a selective advantage, allowing them to feel better about themselves, remove mental blocks, be more motivated in the right direction, become self-reliant & prepared for their future.

How Can We Help?

Our services cover the key areas of challenge or opportunity for young people; from dealing with low self esteem, exam overwhelm to building financial life skills and strong relationships. 

Personal Coaching

We have helped people strengthen their ...
- Self-esteem
- Self-belief through awareness of personal strengths and abilities
- Motivation and identification of areas for self-development
- Communication skills
- Relationships with peers and family through enhanced social skills
- Help seeking behaviours
- Organisational and time management skills
- Management of exam pressure and revision skills
- Employability skills
- Sense of direction
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Money Coaching

We have helped people ...
- Create a financial road map at the start of their career
- Implement positive money habits to increase saving
- Implement budgeting and savings plan to build wealth
- Increase their knowledge about personal finance
- Define their future financial aspirations
- Identify goals and contingency plans including wills and insurance

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When I started seeing Jalpa, I had no idea why I was feeling so stressed. In 3 sessions, Jalpa helped me understand everything much better and I didn’t even realise that a certain event could affect me so much. I don’t think I would have got to where I am now without the coaching. I would recommend this kind of coaching to anyone who feels helpless like I did.