What Do Our clients Say?


Really enjoyed my session with Jalpa and left with a clear plan for my next steps. Her approach is engaging, thoughtful and carefully considered. She made sure to make the time as productive and helpful to me as possible, and has a great skill for reflecting back to you what you expressed in a supportive and insightful way. Would definitely recommend!



Jalpa's positive energy and warm personality makes her easy to open up to and just wonderful to work with. She has given me the conviction to tackle my goals with confidence and with ease that it feels like having a chat with your best friend. Jalpa's patience and honesty makes her an amazing coach to work with and I highly recommended her expertise!




Jalpa was very warm, supportive and a huge help. She made me feel completely at ease despite talking about difficult issues. I would thoroughly recommend her.


Young Person


When I started seeing Jalpa, I had no idea why I was feeling so stressed. In 3 sessions, Jalpa helped me understand everything much better and I didn’t even realise that a certain event could affect me so much. I don’t think I would have got to where I am now without the coaching. I would recommend this kind of coaching to anyone who feels helpless like I did.


School Student


I was looking for a mentor who can keep me focussed on a big goal I am working towards. I wasn't expecting how much I was going to learn about myself. What I really like is how every session is different and how we are always looking at things in a different way. Jalpa is very easy to work with and honest in a nice way! I always look forward to the next session, she keeps me motivated 🙂


Young Entrepreneur


I have just finished working with Jalpa. From the very beginning of our meetings, I felt at ease and truly heard. Jalpa has an incredible ability to listen actively and provide a safe space for me to share my thoughts and feelings without judgement. Whenever I was facing a difficult challenge or struggling to make progress, she always knew what to say or do to guide me in the right direction. I appreciated how she focused on self-care and encouraged me to prioritise my wellbeing both inside and outside of our sessions. I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I highly recommend Jalpa to anyone looking for a calming influence in their life.


Career Starter


Jalpa's Coaching Has Enabled Me To Have Better Control Over My Finances And She Has Helped Me To Understand The Steps I Need To Take To Move Forward And Benefit From Simple Changes. At 20, I Am Now Able To See A Better Future.
Jalpa Is An Amazing Coach And I Hope Other People Can Also Benefit From Her Expertise And Understanding!


University Student


The benefits of organising your finances and seeking the help of a money coach will be one of the best moves you'll ever make. Understanding my finances and learning how to respect them was a joy with Lollywise!"


Young Entrepreneur


I wasn’t sure what a Financial coaching/mentoring session was all about and so intrigued, (plus my money relationship could take a look in) I decided to book a session.

Jalpa instantly put me at ease.  It was a very relaxed session with Jalpa leading the session through relevant questioning, which did not feel intrusive at all.  

What I loved the most, was the genuine interest and care from Jalpa, the instant follow up email with lots of tips for the ‘future' and for ‘now’ which I am constantly referring to. But for me most importantly, the authenticity.  

I completely trust Jalpa.

Will definitely be recommending to my friends. In fact, I will be buying a “session” for my 24 year old daughter and her boyfriend to start them off on the right track!


Small Business Owner